A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

One Big Desert is a short survival adventure game made for GMTK Game Jam 2019!


- Health management as you travel through the desert.

- Quick silly story with some fun quests along the way.

- Arrow Keys to move, ESC/Cancel to use menu, and Enter to select/use.

Disclaimer: Please drink plenty of water while playing!

IMPORTANT: There is a known (non game breaking) bug in 1.2 during the " crab race". If you want the proper play out please save the game before you talk to any crab and reload the game if you lose race. The fix is already in 1.3 and ready to be uploaded (also with a Linux version!) but itch won't allow uploads during the voting period. Thanks for reporting these and being patient!

Version details: (1.2 is the final build for the actual GMTK jam submission)

- 1.2: Fixed some passability issues, more visuals, and dialogue.

- 1.1: Fixed a small visual bug with chests.

For more projects I'm working on: https://twitter.com/jumpgamestudio

Install instructions

When you unzip the files go into the unzipped folder and run Game.exe to start game!


One Big Desert 1.2 (Windows).zip 69 MB
One Big Desert 1.2 (Mac).zip 199 MB


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Here's the gameplay video

that was awesome! thanks for sharing this

I will

I somehow sequence broke the crab race game, he said I beat him dispite being only halfway through the race. Not sure why.

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Ok thanks for this. I've heard this twice now and I can't break it on my end. I will keep trying and get back.

EDIT: Found the bug, fixed for 1.3 just waiting for when I'm allowed to upload it again. I posted on main page how to avoid it, unless you want to win for free xD


You need SHIFT to run.

Yes shift increases your run speed, but it also increases the amount of health taken per tick. Luckily she knows how to break open coconuts! xD


I got stuck in the race on the wall, tried to run over a spike and she said Noooo then i teleported onto the wall above, couldnt get off

Otherwise cool game!

Deleted 1 year ago
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Thanks for the bug report. 1.2 is up, I doubled down on the wall passability. I couldn't get any issues that you are describing, but I found 1 thing that definitely wasn't right. Hopefully that worked!

EDIT: Found the bug of crab losing even if he didn't. Fixed for 1.3, I also posted on main page how to avoid it, unless you want to win for free xD


Excellent game, 30+ Minutes to play and search somewhere in the desert. Great job!

Thank you much! :D